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Techniques For Natural Mosquito Repellants

So it is that time of year again, summer has arrived. The balmy summer evenings sitting by the fire pit, or having a bbq. However, with summer come our small maddening friends, the mosquito. If you are one of those people who doesn’t want to spray yourself with poison, then you require some simple natural mosquito deterants.

An extremely accepted choice is the citronella candle. Even though it works, it has a very limited reach, and if there is a wind it isn’t as effective as you would like.

The better option, is to do a mixture of numerous things.

1. Plant marigolds near your sitting area. Not only are they an attractive plant, but they repel mosquitoes

2. A dab of citronella oil on your pulse points is helpful.

3. Yarrow tea, can be made put into a mister and sprayed onto yourself. This is particularly effective for children.

4. Natural vanilla oil repels mosquitoes. Not the artificial, it will draw them, but good pure vanilla dabbed on your pulse points (wrist, neck, and temples).

5. Lavender is a fantastic repellant. You can either use the flowers and rub them on your skin, or use the essential oil and put it on your pulse points.

6. Garlic is a great repellant. You can eat it and it will eventually work it’s way into your system, as a result the mosquitoes keep away. Or you can plant garlic all around your property, giving you the herb in the fall as it keeps the bugs away throughout the summer. Finally, you can purchase concentrated garlic oil, which is designed to be sprayed around your yard.

7. Cloves are another excellent repellant. Again, use the oil and dab it on your pulse points, just be careful as it can cause skin irritation.

8. There is a large amount of research being done on fennel, thyme, celery extract, and neem ( a tropical tree) in combinations and alone.

9. Other oils showing decent repellant qualities are eucalyptus, cinnamon, castor, rosemary, cedar, and peppermint. It is at all times a good idea to test them on a small portion of skin to make certain you don’t react to them.

10. Geranium plant and oil will repel mosquitoes if there are not a lot of them. A good method is to use both geranium and marigolds to create a border around your outside patio area.

Using bug repellants does not require you to smell like a chemical factory. There are a large number of enjoyable and natural scents that discourage the mosquitoes from biting, therefore the next time you wish to take pleasure in the outdoors reach for a natural repellant for mosquitoes.

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