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About Us

Helen and John Williamson ran the Nationally Accredited Health & Vitality Lifestyle Training Centre in Glasgow for many years, training Aromatherapists, Reflexologists, Reiki Practitioners and many other related health practitioners.

We now enjoy passing on our knowledge and expertise in the areas of Aromatherapy and Natural Health Remedies via our eBooks, Courses and Websites at: -

Although the Natural health and Personal Development brings us a great deal of joy and satisfaction in passing on our little bits of knowledge, experience and tips, we do bring some Real Magic into people’s lives with The Magic Touch.

In the dim and distant past, John was a professional entertainer / magician (Johnnie Gentle) and the wealth of amazing magic tricks, tips and performing expertise has led to the creation of several Magic Websites.

The main magic site being – The Magic Touch – at:

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