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Asian’s Best Kept Traditions Of Post Pregnancy Massage

Initially I never took postnatal massage as an importance to my health. It was merely a way to pamper and reward myself. Until I experienced personally a few years back, I truly understand why Javanese mothers emerged themselves as beautiful butterflies afterbirth. The technique of postnatal massage is one of Indonesia’s secrets. Although this knowledge […]

Erotic Massage And The Benefits To Long Term Relationships

People who have been married for many years often find their sexual lives becoming stale and predictable. The business of life, children and careers can interfere with maintaining a close bond and the deep understanding and intimacy we all long to share with another person can slip through our fingers. We may have started our […]

Massage Chair Recliner Features Daily Swedish Massage Therapy, Helpful Knowledge

Most people who know recliner think massage chairs are just only vibrating chairs. But essentially, items such as music, heat, various massage therapies and stretching are provided in the massage chairs recliner. One of the most basic massage techniques, Swedish massage is now built into massage chair recliners. It is a set of 6 elements […]