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Smoking Hypnotism-Why Nicotine Doesn’t Keep You Addicted

It’s common in this day and age to find people wanting to stop smoking cigarettes. If they try to stop on their own they notice that it’s not as easy as they thought it would be. But when they attempt to stop they find it hard on their own, so they seek out help with smoking hypnotist to help them.

They never imagined it to be hard to stop smoking. In their mind’s they thought they could stop at any time at all. Well cigarettes and nicotine finally got their attention.

Are drugs such as nicotine the main hurdle to overcome when you’re trying to stop smoking? If you are looking for a medical opinion then those experts will explain it as a drug related problem. I am not one of the so called experts that claim that smoking is stricty a drug problem that needs a drug intervention in order to help you to stop smoking cigarettes.

I’ve interviewed thousands of smokers and have found similarities among all of them. Similar responses to why they smoke. And the same answers to how they quit smoking.

I found that many of them have a cigarette after meals. Many of them smoke with coffee. Many smoke while drinking alcohol and after as well.

These behaviors go hand in hand. These habits were created over time by doing them over and over and over again. Doing something at the same time creates an association.

It is these affiliations that are hard to stop. If every day at 3PM you grabbed a glass of milk, you would associate that time with having a glass of milk. Promptly at 3PM every day you’d be looking for the milk.

Even though you might not even know what it was that you were missing, you’d still start to feel that you wanted something. Milk is not something that is addictive. Milk is the right food for a calf, but not for a human being. There is no such thing as an addiction to milk.

So what is it that compels us to think that we are missing something? It’s just having the milk over and over again at 3 PM. It is what we call a habit. A habitual response that has been proven to be readily changed through hypnosis for smoking.

By combining behaviors regularly at specific times, you have associations between multiple behaviors and that time as well. So if you had not only had a glass of milk at 3PM, but had it with a chocolate chip cookie, you would have two compelling behaviors combined.

When 3 PM rolls around, you would start to notice that you were wanting something. You might immediately go for the milk. And then you would notice that you were also “craving” a chocolate chip cookie. So this association made through a simple process of repetition would continue until you took some action to make a change. And visiting a smoking hypnotist would make it simple and quick to make those changes through mental rehearsal and changing your responses in the subconscious mind.

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