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Sharp Heel Pain: How I Recently Ended It.

I’ve been dealing with a sharp heel pain in my foot for about a year and I finally was able to dispose of it.

I absolutely can not tell you how amazing it feels to not have to deal about it all the time. I absolutely have to say, my life has totally changed now that it is gone. I can finally get up without that stabbing pain and my family is much happier with me now that I’m not cranky all of the time, lol.

I know for me, my super sharp heel pain was caused by plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is basically when you begin to rip your plantar fascia, a short band of tissue that runs the distance of the bottom of your foot. For me, my sharp foot and heel pain were both many just in front of my heel and on the balls of my feet. I had a small bit of pain in my arch but nothing horrible. Putting an end to it may have in fact saved my marriage.

I had attempted several different odd exercises and visited my doctor’s office more than I would like to admit to make it go away, but nobody really understood what I was really dealing with for my pain. I had finally found SHARP HEEL PAIN IN FOOT and it was really educational for me. I tell everyone that even suggests that they have some type of sharp heel or foot pain to check it out. The advice they gave me was actually very good. Not only was I able to begin to relief my heel pain but I even was lucky enough to take it a step further.

Like a lot of you I sure didn’t have a whole bunchof time to dedicate to finding long difficult solutions to this relatively simple yet extremely painful problem. I knew I had to find a better solution yet and after reading a bunch of reviews I came across BEST INSOLES FOR FOOT PAIN. They certainly were even more helpful than any other source of information I had yet found and I would HIGHLY suggest going to check it out. At first I debated the real medical application of inserts, but with a little looking into and in talking to my chiropractor I had found out that what they claimed was really very true.

Between those two sources of information, I was convinced to order the inserts and probably about 3 to 5 days later I was really happy with the results. I can certainly say that my feet are much happier now. As a side benefit of wearing the insoles I found that I could stand more upright. It just felt like I was two inches taller. I have a natural tendency to slouch and those made a huge difference in my upper back posture as well as reducing my heel pain. Knowing that the body works as a whole of the sum of it’s parts I knew I had to be on the right track and now a few months later I’m just ecstatic. Total body health is important as in this case, I found out that it starts with your feet. They serve as the base for everything you do physically and I feel so much more relaxed now that I wear my inserts on a regular basis. I can even go jogging again and that’s a big plus because I was beginning to ad a couple unsightly pounds because of how my foot pain was beginning to limit the things I physically could do. I think anyone that suffers from sharp heel pain or foot pain will really be doing themselves a great service{/spin] to check out those two places.

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