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Jelqing Video Vs. Male Enhancement Pills

The new craze in natural penis enlargement is currently Jelqing Exercises. Many men are interested in increasing the size of their penis, but are looking for a natural method. Jelqing or Milking is a technique in which the penis is exercised causing a increase in blood flow, resulting in internal pressure which in effect can result in a larger wider penis. The exercise is performed by applying an “OK” grip on a partially erect penis (between 60-%80 erect) and then pulling this “OK” forward toward the tip of the penis glands. This is done in a hand over hand technique. When one hand reaches the end the other is placed at the base. If performed with a lubricant it is known as “wet jelqing”. This is the more popular method being used. If no lubricant is used it is “dry jelqing”. This version can result in excessive skin stretching if not done properly.

It is extremely important to apply a warm wrap for at least 5 minutes prior to and immediately following your jelqing routine. The best warm wrap can be made by soaking a facecloth in warm water and applying it to the penis. If the wrap cools in the 5 minute period, soak again in warm water and re-apply. This helps to lower the risk of injury to the penis.

When Starting a new jelqing routine, one should build up from 5 minute to 15 minute sessions over the period of a couple of weeks. This should be done with a one or two day on and 1 day off regiment.
After a few weeks, 3 days on 1 day off or 5 days on 2 days off can be performed.
It is extremely important to monitor your penis for any discomfort or other signs of trouble while performing the jelq exercise. Definite signs of trouble can include pain, discoloration and blisters. If any of these problems present, stop jelqing immediately, take a 1-2 day break and do not resume until the problem goes away. By performing the jelq exercise above consistently, you should be able to achieve noticeable gains in penis size in a matter of weeks or months.

There are more advanced jelqing techniques that can be performed after the initial moves have been mastered. It is important to work slowly in your routine to ensure that injury doesn’t result from a too aggressive regiment. Injury can result in pain and discomfort and will slow down the progress of your growth. This is defiantly a case of slow and steady wins the race.

A Jelqing Videos can be found on Here you can see a demonstration on the different techniques.

Many men that choose to use Jelqing to increase their penis size, also make Male Enhancement Pills part of their daily regiment. Together the maximum results can be achieved in a safe natural way.

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