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How To Make CASH As A Webmaster For Erotic Pages ( or check here adult webmaster) is one of the amateur webcam communities in the Europe with international orientation . They have been answering your live cam/chat solution since the year 2000. The Customers have access to
Fully translated Amateur-Webcam-Community in English, French, Spain, Italian and German
- Far above 120.000 profiles of cam girls-/ boys visit-x
- More than 1.5 million free pictures in sorted galleries
- More than 150.000 free video clips and tons of content with free membership
- Cam2Cam (webcam affiliate)
- Public and single session chat (at higher price)
- Detailed search options for visitx webcam webmaster
Comprising more than 1,800,000 members and ten tausend of live-performers, offers a first-class product an top-notch opportunities to earn money.

Here we would like you all the features for you as Adult webmaster may be important to an affiliate of to apply briefly imagine.

Many more meaningful and customer satisfaction for your caring features are fully included and you will certainly not disappoint.

First of all… You can use to convert your international traffic and offer this site to all your customers all over the world because it is available in 5 languages. Our international amateur chat (99cams webmaster) hosts are paid by the minute, this acts as highly motivating factor for them to perform for the customers in a wide-range niches. Additionally, our chat hosts are well educated in the art of communicating with the customer.

All cam video streams are offered in a platform- independent, full screen technology (680×480 pix) by Active-X and DHTML. Also with the Cam2Cam mode, Voyeur Chat and the VIP Club our amateurs can really tease your traffic.
With Credit cards, Direct Debit Voice Caller or dialer we have it all covered.

Here at the erotic partner program make cash with erotic pages, it is also possible webmasters from Germany to the protection of minors and to denoch a Sexcam page.

A strong partner for demanding the webmaster livecam erotic content for your own web page.Because of the sophisticated technology of the Livecam system, you have an affiliate with the content of Cam-high customer satisfaction and a long-term user loyalty.

The Sexcam Cam affiliate of content 99cams girls can also be a starter without programming knowledge on their own homepage and immediately earn money on the Internet. However, if you think is the one without anything to do with your own website can earn money is unfortunately on the wrong track.

Camgirl (check this link: 99cams webmaster) and before the Sexcam as money transmitters
You have an erotic charisma and want incidentally or full-time as Camgirl money from home deserve. They are not afraid to show bare skin and in Camsex visitx webcam webmaster chatting with men erotic conversation. They are 18 to 36 years old with an beautiful appearance.

In order to track long term revenue and to plan successfull campaigns you need the best campaign control available. Our stats program supports you with optimal tracking, visitor and traffic analysis, tracking on different forms of payment, customer sign off or single transactions (individually for each campaign)

For promotion of Visit-X we offer the best promo materials available today in 5 languages. Banners (animated and static) interactive ad like DHTML Banners, Video and Flash Ads as well as text links and FHG. And your customers will be automatically redirected to a browser-language specific page.

PAGE GENERATOR for of make cash with erotic pages
You decide which modeland which content you want to use and implement Visit-X as an Iframe. It has never been so easy!

We offer multiple layouts for our cooperation partners other then the classic Visit-X design. You have the ability to choose the layout that best fits your traffic source. Different styles and colors. In addition you can generate these sites with your preferred categories.

REVENUE SHARE SYSTEM of visitx webcam webmaster
You can get paid up to 40% revshare:
- Send us an existing customer from your links of 99cams girls, obtain 10%. This way you can participate in revshare from current members.
- Re-acquire a previous paying member, and you will get 30% revenue sharing.
- And for each new customer you bring us, you will get 30% + 10% for the lifetime of this customer.

PAYMENT of make cash with erotic pages
Depending on your country and your account settings we will either pay by wire, paypal or check. All affiliate partners are paid by wire or paypal. All International webmasters can choose between wire or check payments. Payouts are made monthly in the first week of the month for the previous month. In some rare cases it can take up to 7 days to receive a wire or check depending on your country.

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