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Heel Pain After Running: Beating It Is Actually Pretty Easy.

Heel Pain after running can be near unbearable at times, I know. As a former long time foot pain victim I have a very true understanding of how bad it can be to wake up with it, deal with it, then not be able to fall asleep because of it. I’ve spent a lot of time on my feet all though my life. Having run 2-8 miles a day for wrestling in my late teens and early 20′s, then later through the police academy my poor feet have not had any easy life. I bet yours haven’t either.
What I did finally find out about heel spur pain is that it can be caused by several different single problems or a combination of problems. Heal spur pain can be caused by an actual hook like tip forming on the bottom of the heal, or the pain can be mistaken for plantar fasciitis. Not wanting surgery to correct mine I looked far and long for any kind of substantial information about stopping the pain. Pretty much everything I read suggested prescription drugs that I was allergic too, right up to need to have surgery to remove a part of the bone from the bottom of my foot.
Well, my heel spur pain was getting worse and my general practitioner wasn’t being much assistance. I happened to bump into the sport’s trainer for my city’s school district and mentioned the pain to him. Surprisingly, he told me that pretty much every adult he has worked with has suffered the exact same pain that I was describing. He said that he had treated a lot of people that have heel pain after running and sharp heel pain in foot symptoms. Sometimes even heel spur pain!
Well, sharp heel pain in foot? That sounds exactly like what I had. Not so much heel spur pain. He gave me the website for a reference about Heel Pain after Running. It really helped me understand what I could do to help decrease the pain. Another website he gave me was Sharp Heel Pain in Foot. That’s an important one to check out. It gives you the heads up on best insoles out there! Because they were MEDICALLY PROVEN, it turns out that I didn’t need surgery, and I didn’t need to take the prescription drugs. It was really useful because my doctor’s help was basically no good. The guy that wrote it apparently had the same foot pains and got a really simply explanation of eliminating all of the reason you have foot pain. Thank god!
Now I don’t have to deal with my ongoing foot pain. I’m so glad I finally found an answer to my problem. It’s really irritating that my doctor couldn’t help me more than he did. That’s a problem that hopefully our new president will keep in mind as he goes forward…
Good luck, and stay safe.

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