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Healthy Breaks Are A Must

We live in a very fast passed world these days, with a great deal of emphasis put on urgency and efficiency. Whilst this may be the standard in western society these days, it certainly isn’t a healthy way to live your life and doctors constantly warn of the health risks associated with it. This is actually evident in the statistic that treatment numbers for work-related stress have almost doubles over the last five years. Some of the best advice that is given by doctors to help prevent serious stress-related illness, it to give yourself regular breaks. Lets take a look at exactly why this is such good advice.

Hormone Equilibrium. In a ‘fight or flight’ based response, a large number of hormones such as adrenaline are released by glands into the body and act to make the body and mind better prepared for action. This is fine in the short term, but these hormones can have harmful effects if they are present in the body for long periods of time and can cause problems with digestion, headaches and insomnia to name a few. When you come away from high-pressured environments, your body gets a break essentially from the hormones and can re-balance itself.

Emotional Reflection. One of the major causes of breakdowns or other stress-related emotional problems is the fact that people do not have time to reassess the direction they are heading in or filter out what is and isn’t importan. Going on luxury cruise or visiting a health spa will give you time away to clear your head, sort out your priorities and help you to get a better picture of the direction you are heading. If you don’t live near the sea then river cruises such as Oceania cruises will do just fine.

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