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Check If You Fit In The Morning

According to estimates hundreds of million people suffer all over the world from the most different kinds of sleeping disturbances. If you are going to make now your individual sleeping test and answer the following questions, so that you can find out if you are seriously suffering from sleeping aches:
You more personally individual sleeping test:
* Do you wake in the morning too early although you are still absolutely tired?
* Do you lie longer than half an hour awake, before you fall asleep?
* Do you wake several times at night?
* Can you find only hard again in the sleep?
* Can you do on the day only hard your duties?
* Do you sleep “outwards” (e.g., hotel, vacation, with friends) better than in your own bed?
* Is your sleep only light and superficial?
* Do you have concentration difficulties?
* Are you still tired in the morning, although you have slept the whole night?
* Do you suffer from heart lawn?
* Do you have a clock radio and/or a bedside table lamp in the bed?
* Do you sleep wall on wall with a neighbour?
* In the morning you feel as broken on the wheel?
* Do you think that your body reacts to radiation and environmental factors?
* Do you have a cordless phone after DECT standard?
* Is a mast in your nearness?
* Do you suffer from night urge to pass water?
* Is your child still Bettnässer?
* Is your child wish remain unintentionally unfulfilled?
When you sad “yes”at least one of the abovementioned problems in more as three days per week or already for several weeks? If you have answered no spot with, “YES”, your sleep might be restful and feel well. If you have answered from 1 to 2 spots with, “YES”, you should observe your sleeping behaviour!
* How do you sleep, e.g., on vacation? Or generally somewhere else?
* Exchange, e.g., the sleeping place temporarily sometimes with your partner.
If you observe a change, you should take seriously take this tip and search for a solution, before the problem might get bigger. If you have answered more than 2 questions with, “YES”, your sleeping behaviour might be disturbed at least temporarily considerably. Discuss your situation with a doctor. If you have answered the last question with, “YES”, you might suffer from a perhaps serious chronic sleeping disturbance whose causes you should go on the reason. Consult absolutely a doctor. In the morning every third feels not rested after the rising. Besides, it is unbelievable, how many people the disturbed sleeping behaviour quite simply accept without splendidly to look for the causes. It does not strike most sometimes, that quite bit by bit them Life energy decreases and is thereby strongly limited the quality of life. Only if discomfort appears in the everyday life, started with day tiredness, disturbances of the sleeping awake rhythm, irritability, and a lot more, the doctor’s visit is taken into consideration. Sleeping doctors distinguish approx. 80 kinds of sleeping disturbances.
You go to bed and
Cannot simply fall asleep, or

one wakes with the feeling not to have slept at all, or
one has a bath in his sweat, or
one must often go to the toilet, or
one has cramps in the calf at night, or
one cannot fall asleep without sleeping drug any more
or, or or…
And during the day you are smashed. sleeping disturbances can be caused by physical ones as well as by mental problems or by constant excessive demand, layer work, snoring of partner, brooding, breathlessness and cough, e.g., by asthma, noise, incidence of light, television, worries, Fears, problems in family, before or in the job. It are important, on this occasion, also the space climateand pollutant charges. But most importantly is the sleeping place itself which you might improve by pulsatile field therapy!

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