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Allergies Bothering You? Here Are Three Herbal Allergy Remedies That Studies Have Found Can Help Relieve Allergies

Allergies, mainly recurring allergies, alias hay fever are a very common affliction these days, specifically in developed countries. Although the exact reason for allergies is usually hard to define, it is well-known that when the whole body comprehends a “foreign invader” or any other probable danger, it releases a chemical called histamine. This chemical causes swelling, and is mainly accountable for many symptoms of allergy.

While some people question why our body would produce histamine at all, it is truly a very superior immune system response, at least for the time being. It is the body’s way of separating the unknown matter, and removing it from our system.

Visualize this… something dangerous or toxic suddenly was inhaled and particles attached themselves to the inside walls of your nose or the part of your eye called cornea. Your entire body requires a method to get this danger away, so it generates nasal mucus to “entrap and remove” it like the way you blow your nose… or your eyes begin to water and burn to let you recognize something is incorrect, and it is washing it out as it is possible to.

So the benefit is obvious… the problem with allergies is that the body reacts in the similar manner to foreign materials that are NOT hazardous…like pollen, or cat dander. At present, the common method in most of the developed world to end allergies is some form of prescription or OTC drugs. Nonetheless, there are natural herbs and cures that are useful in reducing histamine levels and lessening other allergy symptoms. While not all home and herbal remedies work, these have shown some promise in lab studies.

Following are few of the herbal remedies for allergies.

Yeah, it is the same plant that provides the candy it’s name an aroma. Licorice has been shown in studies to reduce allergy symptoms by decreasing inflammation. It does this by helping retain high levels of usual cortisal in the bloodstream. Cortisol is mainly a natural drug, and it works to decrease inflammation. Be careful of taking licorice if you have high blood pressure, or any heart condition, or take any medication for any heart troubles. Women who are pregnant and those who are nursing should refrain from taking licorice.

If you have breathing problems when your allergies are dreadful, then take Ma Haung. Ma Huang is able to open the airway because of its natural stimulant nature. Beware of this herb if you are diagnosed with hypertension, and it is better only if used for short time… normally ten days at a stretch or less.

Nettles is a natural histamine blocker. Perfectly made nettles extract might be capable of blocking the histamine that is present in your body. Normally 2-4ml per day of well prepared extract is the best dosage for someone attempting to prevent hay fever symptoms.

All the abovementioned herbs can help relieve allergy symptoms, but pl€ease consult a medical professional before you have any of these herbs for any reason, as drug interactions and harmful effects are unusual but can happen. So be very careful when trying any herbs for allergies.

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