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All About Acupressure

The benefits of massaging and acupressure have been known for centuries . Massage as a method of therapy has been used by roughly all civilizations for thousands of years, dating back to the ancient Greeks and Romans where Hippocrates adorned its virtues as a form of medical management . There are currently more than 130 distinctive types of massage therapy being practiced today. Acupressure is a unique type of massage, dating back over 5,000 years in ancient China. The procedure consists of applying restricted pressure to given points on the body as contrasting to acupuncture which puts needles into these similar points . The effects of acupressure and acupuncture are similar . Studies have shown that acupuncture stimulates the nervous system, causing alterations in the amount of neurotransmitters and/or neurohormones freed , hence resulting in changes in blood flow , immune function and/or pain perception. The outcomes of massage and acupressure like declination in pain, muscle tension and stress are well recognizable .
Chronic Low Back Pain
Additional physical methods which have been scientifically proven to lessen pain and muscle tremors include physical modalities such as introducing heat or cold. In addition , recent medical studies have proven that dealing with magnetic fields reduces muscular pain and is useful in treating ongoing neck pain. Management with these types of modalities typically requires daily treatment. In fact, the majority types of pain and spasm act in response better to every day treatment whether it is by physical modalities or massage. In truth , many teachers of ancient curing arts and physical therapists tell their clients about self-management of pain using procedures of self massage, self acupressure or added self-administered physical modalities. Thus , with nearly all injuries it is good to be able to self treat the painful region .
Whiplash Treatment
With regard to muscle pain, it is regular to have pain or spasm above the back of the neck and stretching down to the lower back. Unluckily , these areas are difficult to reach if one is to attempt self treatment. There are some devices designed to allow the user to massage the back portion of the body. These devices usually massage a small part of the back at a time and can be tough to use or control in some regions of the body. Also , these devices aren’t made to take advantage from heat, cold or magnets during acupressure therapy . Also , these devices aren’t designed with a detachable pressure applier part that can be used separately from the device.

Therefore , there is a need for a massage apparatus and a method which permits the user to apply several types of pressure and physical modalities to a range of parts of the body not needing any help in a unfussy , intellegent , yet valuable way .

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