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4 Reasons Why A Weak Erection Is No Good For Your Sex Life – And How To Get Rock Hard Erections On Demand

The curse of impotence in men is as bad, if not worse, than the curse of monthly menstruation for women. It is not difficult to know the reasons why so many men worldwide went wild on Viagra when this blue pill first hit the market. Even today, demand for such Erectile Dysfunction (ED) drugs are still very high. The reason is that men are afraid, indeed scared, of losing their ability to achieve an erection.

But why is a soft erection(due to ED) such a terrible experience for men? Here are some obvious and not so obvious reasons :-

1. Not being able to enjoy sex

According to the late, great Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist, Sigmund Freud, sexual desire is the basic empowering energy of human life. If you lose the ability to have good sex, your motivational energy declines and life becomes, well, boring and mundane. Without a rock solid erection, sex is near impossible. Oral sex is an exception but even this becomes tasteless without a hard erection.

2. Failure to perform your manly duties

If you have an unsustainable erection (ie the penis softens too quickly), sex becomes hurried and stressed up. You cannot last long enough for your partner to enjoy her well deserved climax. If you cannot satisfy her, you bet some other guy will.

3. Loss of sensation

A hard penis feels better as the blood is pumping and the nerves are alive. On the other, a soft flaccid penis has almost no sensation left. If you have weak erections, sex becomes difficult and your manhood feels almost numb. Imagine what your partner will feel like if she feels anything at all.

4. Loss of self worth

The inability to get a hard on when needed has resulted in a serious loss of self confidence for many men with ED problems. Blame it on the fragile male ego if you will. Of course a loss of self esteem can affect not just the sexual part but other aspects of one’s life too.

Before you rush to your doctor’s office to ask for a prescription for Viagra, note that there are safer alternatives to risky prescription drugs like the blue pill. These herbal supplements for men can help you regain your sexual prowess without the negative side effects of controlled, prescription ED drugs. Typically, such herbal pills contain the best aphrodisiac herbs specially blended for easy consumption.

While they don’t work instantly like Viagra, erection supplements are effective in increasing erectile strength, libido and even semen and sperm volume. They are a longer term solution to a healthy sex life. The better pills on the market are made of top grade herbals approved by the FDA so you know they safe for consumption without any negative side effects.

You don’t need to worry about serious side effects like heart attack or loss of hearing (latest reported findings on Viagra) when you choose herbal pills. They are safe, easy to use and perhaps, best of all, they come with friendly, money back guarantees too.

By the way, if you need help getting a good herbal erection enhancer, then you should seriously consider VigRx Pill. This is one of the best product you can find now. Do check it out now.

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