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Why Omega-3-6-9 Is So Important For Our Health?

“Healthy spirit lives in healthy body” – It can’t be truer. Nothing will make us happy if sudden and unwanted disease struck us. Another words we can only be happy if our health problems are under control. And whether they are or not depends very often of us -maybe not a hundred percent but significantly.
I am a very true advocate of herbs, herbal and natural products. Why? The answer is very simple –they saved my life over 30 years ago. So what can be more convincing than conquering our own health problems? With the herbal products I was able overcome stomach and gastric problems. It took a time, it took an effort to change mind to start to have a faith in natural solutions what finally become a turning point in my life. That is why I can say today that regardless of the unpleasant recollections I regard myself as a fortunate guy who had a chance not only live life again but also learn and know the ability of , their slow but efficient way of healing human being body.
Enriched by my earlier encounter I simple decided to prevent myself (as well as my family) from facing alike experiences by using herbal products daily. And what I decided I put into action. And so far I stay on this path for more than three decades. And I am happy I do.
So what to do to maintain our mind and body in good mental and physical shape? Is there any magic natural pill that can shield us from constant illnesses? I wish it is but unfortunately magic pills look good only in commercials. In reality taking care of body is a bit more complex story than it looks and sounds on the silver screen and depends of quite a few factors such as: age, genetics, food we eat, our life style, physical shape etc. Since everyone lives life differently it is rather difficult to imagine a universal magical pill that could shield us from unwanted, unhealthy problems.

Knowledge is a power. Knowledge often is a life saver too. It is an asset to know what is required to function biologically properly. There are products that deal with specific problems and products that we use to prevent from growing those specific problems. Let have a look at one of those pretty essential and popular supplement called Omega.
Why this product is so popular? The answer lies in its ability of dealing with:
*heart diseases and stroke
*blood pressure
* maintaining weight
*memory, mind, mood issues
*join problems
*slipping problem
*bad feelings about skin, age etc.
So what exactly is Omega about?
To make long story short I have to say that human body needs fatty acids which are elemental for our biological functioning. Some of them our body can make (Omega-6), some of them not (Omega-3).
The role they play in our body is enormously vital – they control inflammation that cause of almost all diseases. Essentially, the human body under stress, wound or infection reacts by creating swelling, heat and redness. Unfortunately, inflammation can become chronic, and begins to strike healthy tissues of the organs and joints. Omega-3-6 eases inflammation throughout the body and prevents the cycle of chronic devastation from continuing. It’s also important food supplement – especially Omega -3 which lacks in our Western diet.
In conclusion it is a very crucial supplement that helps us stay in good health. Fortunately natural products market responded to our needs and now we can not only buy Omega -3-6 but they come enriched by Omega -9 that boosts our immune and digestive system as well. And the extra good news is that we do not need any prescription to do so.

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