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Water Ionizers – Helpful Tips About ORP And Your Health

Water Ionizers are quickly becoming acknowledged as an important health product in the U.S.A. market. In Japan where water ionization got its roots, approximately one out of every five homes has a Water Ionizer. In the United States approximately one out of 18,000 homes has a water ionizer. The Japanese are well-known for their healthy living and longevity. Possibly there is a lesson for us in these statistics.

A high quality Water Ionizer is something every family should have next to their kitchen sink. Water Ionizers provide an excellent approach for purifying drinking water and producing healthy Alkaline water that is loaded with Antioxidants and Minerals. As the term ionization indicates, the nature of ionized water molecules is altered or restructured. Water Ionizers change the molecular structure of water as the water passes through the ionizer by applying electricity to the water as it passes over highly charged electrolysis plates where the electrical charge causes some of the water molecules to be separated from H2O into H+ and OH- ions. While there is only one source water supply leading into the water ionizer machine, there are two water outputs. One output has a high proportion of H+ ions while the other output has a preponderance of OH- ions. The water that is strong in H+ is acidic while the OH- water is Alkaline. Various types of ionized water can be created by a water ionizer.

High quality water ionizers can produce water ranging from a strong Acidic pH of 2.5 all the way up to a strong Alkaline pH of 11.5. Alkaline water all the way up to 9.5 can be used for drinking water. The other types of water produced by the water ionizer can be used for cooking, cleaning, and external use like a Beauty Water of 5.5 pH for washing the face and hair. High quality water ionizers that produce Kangen Water (tm of Enagic) also create an abundance of Antioxidants in the Alkaline water which will slow down the aging process because the Antioxidants neutralize the potentially harmful activity of Free Radicals in your cells.

High quality water ionizers also produce a strong negative Oxidative Reduction Potential also known as ORP. The stronger the negative value of ORP the better the water is in reducing oxidation. Because oxidation is responsible for the aging process, water with a strong negative ORP is better for good health. Because drinking water generally found in homes, restaurants and stores have a positive ORP which indicates the water contributes to oxidation, a high quality water ionizer can be an important investment for your family as part of your anti-aging strategy. Not all water ionizers produce a powerful negative ORP, so it is especially important to check out the water ionizer specifications first before acquiring an ionizer. Sadly, many people quickly become disappointed when they obtain a less expensive Water Ionizer only to learn their new machine is not reliable in producing alkaline pH water or a strong negative ORP, and the excellent results they were expecting to receive will not be realized without the correct water stats.

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