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Top Methods To Relieve Stress Using PMR Progressive Muscle Relaxation

By relaxing your muscle groups in a systematic fashion, you will harness the power to attain a level of relaxation that brings peace to an otherwise stressful day. What you do is a series of exercises called PMR or Progressive Muscle Relaxation. It’s the art of releasing tension though initially tensing a muscle group and then relaxing that muscle group and then moving onto the next muscle group.

Relaxation methods to relieve stress are the best ways to achieve peace of mind.

This reduces anxiety and with the mind and body in balance, you can be sure to be feeling relieved of the stress that has been plaguing your body all day. Anxiety is a bad form of stressful disorder as it causes panic attacks. If you don’t find ways to control this kind of tension, it can lead to higher blood pressure, increasing health problems and eventually death – if not treated. That’s how serious it is.

For many people, it is a known fact that they are unaware of being affected by stress. What I mean is simply that they don’t know the difference between a relaxed muscle group and one that is tense as that has been the norm for so long. That person’s life style is much to blame for this issue as he or she has failed to realize the severity of the problem.

These methods to relieve stress can help with levels of chronic pain, depression, anxiety and stress related health problems:

1.Find a quiet environment and site comfortably.
2.Tense your facial muscles by grimacing. Hold for 10 seconds and release.
3.Tighten your fist and flex your hand upwards. Hold that position for 10 seconds and then slowly release the tension.
4.Between each muscle group, inhale slowly for the count to 4 and then exhale on a count to 2. Inhale enough to feel your diaphragm stretched and upon exhaling, feel the tension flow out of your body.
5.Continue working down through the body from the neck muscles to the chest, then the abdomen, arms, legs, buttocks and feet. Each time tense the area by stretching the limb. Then release after 10 seconds.

Do these exercises once a day initially for a few weeks or until you feel much less stressed, more relieved. Even better, ask your doctor if your blood pressure has improved. This is a form of controlled focus that cannot be rivaled if done correctly.

Also, if you enjoy going to the local gym, these exercises work well to prepare your muscles for any vigorous routine to be undertaken such as aerobics or weight lifting.

When it comes to the top methods to relieve stress, PMR is such a simple and quick routine that anyone can perform each day.

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