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Is Conversational Hypnosis Addictive?

The idea of being able to Covertly Hypnotize others seem to fascinate many people of all walks of life. What used to be a tool in the hands of a select few, primarily in the psychiatry arena, is now in the possession of many ordinary people. Owning such powers makes the practitioner feel being in control and being in control can be intoxicating and addictive for many people. Mr. Taylor Starr, the Author of Underground Hypnosis, by his own admission says: “As soon as I had a taste of this “black ops” hypnosis, I was addicted. Seriously, It was like HEROIN”
Traditionally Hypnosis was used therapeutically and only in a clinical setting. It was Doctor Milton Erickson, an American psychiatrist — whose contributions in the field of hypnosis and its application to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) has been enormous – who was the first to challenge the traditional views on hypnosis and move it outside the exclusive domain of clinical settings. Using his method one can now hypnotize any person in a covert manner in any setting and during the course of a casual conversation.
Nowadays it is Igor Ledochowski, the authority on hypnosis, and the person who attracts the masses to learn and unleash his method — the Power of Conversational Hypnosis. But what do the masses do with such a tool?
In reality the application of Conversational Hypnosis is only limited by one’s imagination; the president of a corporation or a CIO, would want to have such a tool in his or her disposal so he or she could easily influence his or her subordinates to comply with his or her will for the benefit of the Corporation. The average person can use the same power to enhance his/her influence over a spouse, their kids, friends and colleagues and thus help to create more favorable relationships in his/her life. According to Dr. Erickson we are all prone to falling into a trance-like state naturally during the course of the day and without even being aware of it. A skilled Hypnotist, who is highly intuitive, will know how to create such a state in you, tap into your inner voice super impose his own voice on yours, manipulating it in such a manner that now his voice ‘becomes’ yours, but you are not aware of it. There are those who claim that they use Conversational Hypnosis in order to improve their quality of life, such as not having to wait on lines, getting a better seat in a restaurant and/or superb service in their daily encounters with different service providers.
The problem, or rather the danger, with Covert Hypnosis is when it falls into the hands of selfish, often insecure, people who would use this power to exploit others. Given the fact that people are diverse in many aspects of their lives, including their morals, it would be rather innocent to think that such exploiters do not exist. But be it the person who applies Conversational Hypnosis for the good off all concerned, or the person who preys on the innocent for personal gain, they all tend to get addicted to the practice. Such is often human nature, especially when it comes to being in Control.

Conversational hypnosis can be learned by listening to simple hypnosis audios teachings with an instruction manual. There are various conversational hypnosis online courses that teaches this powerful skill. By learning the covert techniques of influence and persuasion, you will find use for them in almost all everyday situations. If you want to learn it yourself check out this site: conversational hypnosis.

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