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High Energy Labs SomaRest Formula – A Synergistic Approach To Optimizing Sleep Patterns

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High Energy Labs SomaRest Formula – A Synergistic Approach to Optimizing Sleep Patterns

SomaRest™ is a sleep optimization that offers relaxation and restful sleep. Clinically tested, SomaRest is side-effect free and ensures healthy sleep patterns and natural biorhythms. Unlike many other sleeping aids on the shelf, SomaRest is a safe non-addictive formula that will allow you to go to sleep quickly, stay asleep throughout your night, and help you awake feeling more rejuvenated.

People often take the importance of sleep for granted, but sleeping is immensely necessary for your physical and mental health. Everyday your body and mind require at least seven to eight hours to rest and restore itself. Sleep helps decrease cortisol levels and increase protein production. Sleeping also brings an increase in Growth Hormone (HGH) levels—growth hormones are important in metabolic functions, growth, and development. The more you go without the sleep, the more difficulty your immune system will have in restoring itself.

Sleep deprivation has been known to cause serious risks to our health. Studies show that adults who do not receive proper amount of sleep everyday are at a greater risk of heart disease, memory loss, slow reaction time, unhealthy weight gain or loss, stress, anger, depression, irritability, and so forth.

SomaRest consists of pharmaceutical grade and clinical doses of ingredients for maximum results and efficiency. The product is assembled by High Energy Labs, a leading manufacturer in sports nutrition and anti-aging solutions. Products distributed by High Energy Labs undergo continuous scientific research and laboratory work; these products are GMP and nature-certified nutritional supplements that provide energy and protein throughout your daily exercise routine. High Energy Labs use ingredients that have no dyes, binders, fillers, or dangerous and unknown materials; products are also 100% natural with no added sweeteners, colors, or preservatives.

SomaRest includes key ingredients such as L-Theanine, L-Tryptophan, valerian root to help decrease anxiety, passion flower to relax the mind, velvet bean to regulate sleep and brain activity, melatonin, peppermint, lavender, magnesium, and chamomile flower. These natural ingredients primarily serve to help promote faster and smoother sleep patterns.

High Energy Labs follows GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) and we pride ourselves on manufacturing state-of-the-art formulations of the best quality. Each of our quality ingredients is continually tested throughout the manufacturing process to ensure purity and effectiveness. This uncompromising commitment to quality guarantees that you will receive unique products to support your nutritional well-being.

Further information about SomaRest can be found online or by phone, 1-800-874-3988. SomaRest is available in capsule and gram powder with prices standing at $39.95 (30 capsules).

For more information, visit HighEnergyLabs.

High Energy Labs LLC, a manufacturer & retailer of
sports nutrition supplements & anti aging solutions. For more information, visit

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