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Conversational Hypnosis: Should It Be Banned?

No matter how you cut it, Conversational Hypnosis isn’t as easy to master as they make it sound, nor is it safe in the hands of just anybody. The danger of it being abused is so great that the official position of the Ericksonian Foundation is that this technique should not to be taught unless you are a Doctor, Dentist, or a licensed Psychologist. Yet people are attracted to the subject in droves. But…but Why?

Is it mere curiosity? In part it probably is. However there must be something much deeper and extremely enticing to it that the average person would take the time and spend the money to learn its secrets. But why, why would anyone want to have such a tool at his or her disposal? The answer is quite simple: Control.

The idea that a person can posses the ability to manipulate, and indeed control, another person’s thoughts, bend your will to match yours, and thus enjoy the0Adesired outcome may strike many people as absolutely irresistible and yet, there those who would tell you that to them the idea is repulsive.

The answer to the question of morality may be rather extensive and it is beyond the scope of this article. Having said that, asking some “but why” questions is exactly, and the least, that we all should do when it comes to the debate about the ethical aspect of Conversational Hypnosis. And this should apply to all of us: Those who are eager to posses the ability to covertly hypnotize the waiter in restaurant, or anyone else, and those that are not.

Why would I, or anybody, would want to converse my way and bend the will of another to comply with mine? Why manipulate the natural flow? Here the answer is rather obvious: Personal gain and Power.

Well, what is wrong with that? Why if I can get a better sit on the flight, a better service in the bank, have my spouse behave more sweetly, have my employees become more productive and the neighbor friendlier. What is wrong with that?

I am not preaching morals here. I am only asking my ‘why’s’, leaving the answers up to every person who comes across them. For after all, it is up to each and every one of us to examine the real reason behind the desire to learn Conversational Hypnosis and then decide for or against. Once accomplished, knowing exactly how we intend to make use of it is paramount.

For those who can only think of how to exploit others for their selfish motives, I would suggest they do themselves, and the rest of humanity, the favor of getting their heads examined first.

For the rest: Imagine a world where we are all able use this great tool simultaneously, a world where we converse peace, love and harmony with, and into, each other. Now that is a whole new angle; this is a perspective I can happily embrace.

Would it be worth trying to learn it even if only for the sake of having my kids behave, the wife stop nagging and my neighbor smile?

Unless we really understand how Conversational Hypnosis works any attempt to take a stance would be baseless. Only by educating ourselves on the subject would we be in a position to decide whether or not Conversational Hypnosis should be banned.

Conversational hypnosis can be learned by listening to simple hypnosis audios teachings with an instruction manual. There are various conversational hypnosis online courses that teaches this powerful skill. By learning the covert techniques of influence and persuasion, you will find use for them in almost all everyday situations. If you want to learn it yourself check out this site: conversational hypnosis.

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