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Amazing & Simple Foods For A Good Night’s Sleep

What you eat and when you eat both affect the quality and length of sleep. Eating a big meal two hours before going to bed can disrupt your sleep. Likewise, if you eat too early and too little your metabolic rate and temperature will increase instead of decrease, making it harder to drop off. If […]

Asian’s Best Kept Traditions Of Post Pregnancy Massage

Initially I never took postnatal massage as an importance to my health. It was merely a way to pamper and reward myself. Until I experienced personally a few years back, I truly understand why Javanese mothers emerged themselves as beautiful butterflies afterbirth. The technique of postnatal massage is one of Indonesia’s secrets. Although this knowledge […]

Water Ionizers – Helpful Tips About ORP And Your Health

Water Ionizers are quickly becoming acknowledged as an important health product in the U.S.A. market. In Japan where water ionization got its roots, approximately one out of every five homes has a Water Ionizer. In the United States approximately one out of 18,000 homes has a water ionizer. The Japanese are well-known for their healthy […]