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7 Easy Home Remedies For Bruises

Bruises become colorful because the local capillaries break and cause a leakage of red blood cells. The earlier treated, the faster they are healed. Bruises are a common occurrence but can be abnormal if they appear without explanation, are bigger than a quarter or are lumpy rather than flat. If you suspect you have an abnormal bruise, see a health care professional.
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* Possible causes
o The dresser jumped into your path
o Overly strenuous exercise or lifting. This may cause microscopic tears in the blood vessels under the skin
o Vitamin deficiency
o Medication such as blood thinners (reduce blood’s ability to clog) or corticosteroids (cause skin to thin and increase risk in bruising)
o Supplements such as garlic, ginger, fish oil and ginkgo may increase risk of bruising because they have a blood thinning effect
o Illness, like strong infection, cancer, bone marrow problems or liver problems
o Inherited bleeding disorder
o The elderly are more prone to bruises as their skin is thinner and their capillaries age (the capillary supporting tissues weaken, and the walls become fragile and prone to rupture).

* Remedies
o Apply an icepack covered in a thin towel or tissue as soon as you get the bruise. Do not apply over broken skin. If it covers a big area of the leg or foot, elevate the leg as much as possible for the initial 24 hours after injury.
o Mix one part apple cider vinegar and one part water and apply to bruise
o Apply raw egg yolk to bruise
o Make sure you get enough Vitamin C and iron in your diet
o Gently rub arnica oil or cream on the bruise. Arnica is popularly used for sore and stiff muscles and will help the bruise heal faster
o After about 48 hours, apply a warm compress three or four times a day for 10 minutes or so to increase blood flow to the healthy capillaries in the area. This will let the skin reabsorb the blood more quickly and help the bruise heal.
o Hydrate! (Preferably with water, not Coke or whiskey)

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