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How To Manipulate Your Home Remedies To Reduce Stretch Marks

If you have these ugly looking stretch marks that simply does not permit you wearing sexy dress in any party occasions, you simply need to fight it. So, if you are having stretch marks that might have developed over a period of time, you are certainly left with a bad looking abdomen. So, to get avoid from stretch marks one can always try using Cocoa butter. Using a cocoa butter is much better as compared to using any other lotion. Using this remedy over a longer period of time is simply very much helpful in getting escape from this problem and also in avoiding them from further occurrence.

If the stretch marks are not much deep seated than this, cocoa butter would be one of the most effective methods to get escape from this problem. Cocoa butter simply works out miracles when applying on these stretch marks. Stretch marks simply get lighter over a period of time by regular usage of cocoa butter and some day they may barely be noticed. These butter sticks are easily available in the market and are also not much expensive. One can simply use these sticks as and when convenient. One can also test using it at least two to three times a day as it does not have any side effects so it may not cause any harm to your skin.

Simply applying a little to the infected area may be very much helpful. The remedy is so effective and easy to use that anyone can use it without prior consultation to a physician. Using for a few weeks and one may simply note differences in the stretch marks. Another homemade remedy would be serving a body scrub. One can try mixing cod liver oil, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera gel. A little of olive oil can also be added to it. Remedies are natural so may not make any side effects. One should must try to scrub the infected area with the mixture

The mixture would simply stimulate the blood flow and thus help in getting rid of this stretch marks. The remedy really works and stimulating blood flow can simply not make any side effects. So reducing these stretch marks is not a great deal when trying one of these homemade scrub. The best part is that all of the ingredients are natural and easily available and at the same time they are not very much expensive. One could also try a mixture of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E with cocoa butter. Simply massaging the mixture at the stretch mark infected area could help reduce these stretch marks to a much greater extent. One should always try to do it after shower as these ingredients don’t get washed away if you do it before shower as these ingredients need time to work their magic.

Before massaging one must to understand that massaging should never be done using much pressure. So, one should always try to use the most appropriate pressure at the time of massage. A sponge bath or a towel massage may also be very much helpful. One needs to take a massage for at least 10 to 15 minutes in order to get away those ugly looking stretch marks. Vitamin E oil cream massage may also help a lot but the results may be a bit delayed. One may even feel a little bit of itch if using Vitamin E oil.
Using home remedies as your medium to reduce your stretch marks is very simple to make. You can use many type of remedies to reduce your stretch marks. But you must have to make sure that your ingredient that you use is suitable and effective to cure stretch marks.

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