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Cloves are definitely one of the most distinct herbs around but ironically enough, cloves have been around forever and are not finished doing business just yet. Usually if you can not get your hands on some cloves, Allspice can be a substitute. Cloves have some preservative properties to them but they work well as an […]


“Catnip” is the familiar respectability pro a perennial herb of the mint relations. Catnip is native to Europe and is imported into the United States. During North America it is a familiar well-known wild flower. Catnip is largely prevalent with cats and the response to facilitate it causes in them at what time they receive […]


Asafoetida has been also referred to as the “Food of the Gods.” The main part of this plant that is used is the resin which makes up a volatile oil. The history of this herb is amazing as it was used frequently back in time by Alexander the Great for flavoring. That was back in […]