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Weight Loss Dillemma: Depressed If You Do, Depressed If You Don’t

There are many reasons why people become depressed, especially with all the pressures and demands of 21st century living. People get the blues when they get passed over for that promotion that they’ve been aiming for because management wanted someone younger and livelier. There’s that beautiful girl you’ve always wanted to have a relationship with, […]

Untested Weight Loss Drugs May Cause Severe Depression

There are a lot of new medications available today specifically for treatment of depression, anxiety, erectile dysfunction, obesity, among others. The good news is that there are new drugs that offer effective treatment for patients who suffer from these ailments. While research on the safety of anti-depression drugs has been quite extensive, the materials on […]

Natural Treatments For Panic Attacks Stop Your Panic Buttons!

Panic attack natural treatments are preferred by the health-conscious communities worldwide. Studies in America shows that more than 2 percent of the adult population suffers from panic and anxiety attacks. That is more than 2 million Americans struggle with this problem. How do you know if you are suffering from a panic attack and what […]